Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Charlotte Riley with Tom Hardy at the Batman Premier in a beautiful silk blue cocktail dress by Designer Astral Sundholm-Hayes.
Sometimes as a designer exciting opportunities come your way and I was delighted to work with English Actress Charlotte Riley on a couple of special gowns for the Premier of the new Batman in New York and London staring her fiancé Actor Tom Hardy as the Villain.
Charlotte and I discussed ideas and I know she loves vintage and Audrey Hepburn’s style so I followed that path, I decided to use some stunning antique silk blue taffeta with a satin damask floral motif for the first cocktail dress.

The antique fabric comes in a width of 50cm unlike fabric today which is usually a 140cm wide, which meant the fabric was going to dictate the shape of the dress, so my pattern skills kicked in and I went for a 50’s style silhouette with large pleat tucking at the waist which gives the fullness set into a strapless boned corset body with covered buttons down the back.
I though Charlotte looked stunning and the dress was perfect, not over the top or under dressed, just right, so I think I did my job and she was listed on best dressed.
Now for the next one in London?

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  1. Fantastic design I hope that you do this beautiful design in a bridal gown and in an evening gown as well